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Pirates is a combinataion Collectible Card Game (CCG) and Miniatures Game (Minis) from WizKids. This is a complete compiled interactive checklist of all the available cards.

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Set IDSM-073
Collector IDSS-005
WizKids ID5833
CardLa Joya del Sol
TranslationJewel of the Sun
SetPirates of the Spanish Main
AbilityThis ship gets +1 to her boarding rolls.
TextAn imposing armed merchant ship, "The Jewel of the Sun" can move quickly with a large cargo. Built by a consortium of merchants, she was outfitted with decent guns, but her crew is trained in little other than repelling boarders.
Cannons4S 4L 4L 4S
MovementS + S
Last UpdatedJul 18

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