Welcome to CMorrigu.com™

This is a personal site for Cernunnos Morrigu™. Basically, it consists of things that interest me - the contents of my mind.

latest news

Added 360Voice 3* RPG Badge Challenge. Dacoto saw the one for the Fighting badge, and requested this.

Added Needed Games AKA What Is Left?. I wanted an easy way to see which games I was missing.

Added 360Voice 3* Fighting Badge Challenge. Several of the players have been helping me, so when DoT mentioned wanting a tracking page, I created this.

Added 360Voice WatchList. Have been noticing lots of people trying to keep track of differences in their watch and watching lists, so this should help.

Added XBL Monthly Leaderboard. Vassiliny from Le Mediocrity had been doing this by hand on a monthly basis, so I created this page to track it automatically.

Added XBL Challenges. Joshnorm and I are in a challenge, so I made the page to track it. Then I realized others might enjoy it, so I added the parameters to enable others to use it. I got a badge on 360Voice for this.

Added XBL GamerTag Presence. The API I'm using to grab the info is down and/or over capacity more often than not.

Added Maple Story Checklist. This is for the Maple Story CCG/CTG from Wizards/WotC. I just started, so the full details and features will be coming as I get cards in and input the data.

The Pirates stuff will be coming back as I have the chance to re-input all the data and add the new sets. The DB was wiped, and I'm not finding a the backups I should have for it.

Added Puzzle Quest Captures. This is a great game, and it's nice to have some additional FAQ help available.

Finished data input for the Pirates of the Spanish Main checklist. No guarantees as to accuracy, as it took quite an effort to get all that data in by hand. The WizKids site is chock full of errors, to boot.

Got the Pirates stuff going, it will probably move to SSO™ at some point.

next events

XBL Monthly Leaderboard needs to have historicals added.

I've had several requests for improvements to XBL Challenges.

The Pirates of the Crimson Coast cards are next.

The Pirates of the Revolution cards need to be completed.

The Pirates of the Barbary Coast cards are coming out sometime.

Moving everyting from the old part of ShadowSource™ to here.